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Luciano Padilla.

Since he was a child he developed his interest in painting as a self-taught means of expression. He also attends extracurricular painting classes , where he learns the human form and the pencil and charcoal techniques. Later, as a teenager, he explores pastel painting, as well as oil and ink. He keeps several works of that time, where he expresses a realistic tendency (landscapes and portraits) and a more surrealistic one, in which human form appears without face and without hair in different situations and where the colour black, the void and the deep observation of being and vacuity prevail.

He wanted to study fine Arts, but he found the opposition of his family. So finally he studied Technical Architecture and has been worked in this field all his life. But vicissitudes of life put everyone in their place and life pushed him towards painting ....  

Located inside an auto repair shop, he begins to experiment with different industrial paints, mixing them with different techniques such as the use of spatula and plaster, airbrushing and traditional acrylic paint, on different supports like wood and steel sheets mainly.

He currently explores digital media as a creative process. The current work is more expressionist, colorful and minimalist, but does not have a goal (stylistically speaking), the goal is the freewill work.

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